Vilnius mayor happy to trade Green Bridge statues for 16-century Lithuanian Statute

DELFI / Kiril Čachovskij

According to the mayor of Vilnius, there should be a political pause made as regards the controversial statues. Proposals on their fate from the public will be welcome until the beginning of autumn.

Šimašius says that, as a lawyer by training, he would be happy to trade the removed statues for the original copy of the sixteenth-century Lithuanian Statute, the Metrica of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, or the historical sceptre of University of Vilnius. All these historic objects are currently held in Russia. Šimašius added that the country was also in possession the corpus of Lithuanian cinematography.

The mayor of Vilnius admitted that he had received requests from the mayor of Sovetsk (Kaliningrad, Russia) Nikolai Voishchev and Russian Ambassador Alexander Udaltsov to give the Green Bridge statues to Russia.

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