Ukrainian and Lithuanian flag in the Vilnius' sky

Lithuania-Poland-Ukraine brigade to be named after Kostanty Ostrogski

A joint brigade of Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine will be named after Kostanty Ostrogski, an outstanding military commander of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the Lithuanian Defense Ministry said. […]

The Great Vilnius Synagogue

Bankruptcy of the Jewish community in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania

Ideas about tremendous wealth of the Jews, their well-being, which was thought to have been created by incurring losses on the Christians, was prevalent in the society of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania ( GDL and later periods). The reality, however, was quite different. Only a small part of the Jews was successful business people, the majority of them that engaged in small businesses, trade and crafts could hardly make both ends meet. […]

The arrival of Palemon to Lithuania, by Teofil Żychowicz, Lviv 1852, The National Library of Poland

How Lithuanians became descendants of Ancient Romans

History is a powerful tool and sixteenth-century Lithuanian noble houses were only too happy to ground their contemporary power in a historical myth which traced their ancestry to Ancient Rome.

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Armoured horses and chain mail: The guide to becoming a Medieval Lithuanian Knight

“The backpack of a modern infantry soldier weighs just much as the armour of a medieval knight. And it is a myth that an armoured warrior could not get up, if he fell down,” says Medieval armoury enthusiast Karolis Jankauskas. […]

Žygimantas Pavilionis

Partnership with Poland should be Lithuania’s key foreign policy priority, says former ambassador to US

Many in Lithuania have been criticizing Poland‘s new government, but former Lithuanian ambassador to the US Žygimantas Pavilionis believes that the return of a strategic partnership between Poland and Lithuania should be our greatest foreign policy priority. According to Pavilionis, those now criticising the Polish government are the same people that accepted Barack Obama‘s attempts to reset the US relationship with Russia and improve the EU’s relationship with Russia. […]

Vladimir Putin

Opinion: Why Russia needs Lithuania

Lithuania is a small country in comparison to Russia. So why does the Kremlin pay Lithuania a disproportionate amount of its attention? One reason is that it needs weak enemies that it can divert its people’s attention to. There was a time when Russian polls indicated that they saw Lithuania as their number one enemy. Later it was Georgia and Ukraine. […]