Marius Ivaškevičius

In love with Europe

Today, when Europe is being attacked and battered from all sides, my reaction is like that of a lover who puts all the shortcomings of the object of his love on one side of the scales and on the other – the question ‘Could I live without her?’ And not one of her shortcomings or even all of them put together outweigh the question. I would not know how to go on living without her. And so I do not want to and am unable to join the chorus of those giving advice or lecturing her as to how she should be, in what direction she should change: visit clubs less often and go more often to church, dress in one way and not another, spend money or save it, love certain people and not others. As a true lover, these questions today do not seem to be fundamental, particularly because the people who raise them like to finish with: if Europe does not do what I say, it is doomed. […]