Assessing the likelihood of the collapse of Šimonytė’s Government

With the opposition vociferously speculating that the current ruling coalition, which is dogged by scandals over foreign policy, will only last until the autumn and then collapse in the face of unfavourable economic, pandemic and […]


The Kaliningrad Corridor: Moscow’s old dream and Lithuania’s great fear

Lithuania has found itself trapped in turmoil over the imposition of sanctions on some goods going to Kaliningrad. Russia is unhappy with the bans, and the European Commission, which oversees the sanctions, is throwing a […]

Foreign affairs

Free Russian visa as a trap: warning regarding Kaliningrad

Upon the announcement that Lithuanians travelling to Kaliningrad will be able to obtain a free Russian visa, international relations experts warn that this offer hides numerous risks. Russia has officially informed Lithuania that starting July […]

Belgium fighter jets escorting Russian fighter jets

NATO jets in Baltics scrambled once last week over Russian warplane

NATO fighter-jets patrolling Baltic airspace were scrambled once last week to identify and escort a Russian military plane in international airspace over the Baltic Sea, the Lithuanian Defense Ministry said on Monday. […]