Heritage commission to take up Green Bridge statues issue

The new chairwoman of the State Cultural Heritage Commission will look into the fate of the soviet Green Bridge sculptures that were removed from central Vilnius last summer. […]


Opinion: Images of information war

Much have been written in recent years about the broad information war front that Russia opened against the West. Since Lithuania is today, thankfully, part of the West, we get a fair share of the offensive. This is a war, however, without sizzling bullets, without exploding mines or thundering of bombs, so we carry on with our lives as usual, our home windows intact. […]


Why Green Bridge statues did not become Bronze Soldier of Vilnius

Eight years ago, the Bronze Soldier of Tallinn, a memorial for WWII Soviet soldiers, was relocated from the city centre, which led to controversy and riots, also known as the Bronze night. Some were expecting similar reactions to removal of the so-called Green Bridge statues in Vilnius. But when they were taken down last week, there were no conflicts or provocations. How come? […]


City in Kaliningrad wants to take over Green Bridge statues from Vilnius

The administration of Sovetsk, a city in the Russian Kaliningrad region, has officially sent a request to the Vilnius leadership to hand over the Soviet-era sculptures removed from the Green Bridge. […]


Green Bridge sculptures should be removed, says Vilnius mayor-elect

Remigijus Šimašius, the Liberal Movement’s candidate elected for Vilnius mayor on Sunday, says that the Soviet-era sculptures should be removed from the Green Bridge of the Lithuanian capital due to their emergency condition. […]


New law may ease removal of Soviet sculptures from Vilnius Green Bridge

Minister of Culture Šarūnas Birutis signed a law amending the criteria for cultural artifacts to be listed as heritage. From now on objects marked with Soviet or Nazi symbols will not be included in the Register of Cultural Heritage. […]