Green Bridge sculptures should be removed, says Vilnius mayor-elect

DELFI / Tomas Vinickas

“As to the sculptures – all you have to do is walk across the Green Bridge and look at the coats of the Soviet soldiers to understand that they should not be there for the sole reason that they can fall on our heads. Clearly, the problem has to be addressed, as I am definitely not willing to spend city money on on-site renovation of the sculptures. They will definitely have to be removed. Once removed and if renovated, I do not think they should come back,” Šimašius told a Vilnius news conference on Monday.

Last month, a heritage council which is in charge of revoking legal protection of cultural heritage sites, decided to keep the controversial Green Bridge sculptures on the protected heritage list, thus preventing the Vilnius administration from removing the sculptures.

The capital city’s municipality has so far failed to find companies that could renovate the sculptures on site.

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