The Baltic Rim Economies review offers inspiring texts and a forum for discussion

Energy and environment, Ukraine and Crimea, the maritime sector and trade policy – all these topics and many more are in the focus of the Baltic Rim Economies (BRE) review issues. The BRE review is an online publication that serves as a discussion forum for high-level public and corporate decision-makers, representatives of academia, as well as several other experts who share their thoughts on the changing topics. The BRE has had more than 3,000 different authors, including former Presidents of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker and José Manuel Barroso.

The BRE articles concentrate on economic and particularly business development in the Baltic Rim. They provide concise information on recent macroeconomic development and reasons behind important movements and expectations concerning the near future. In addition, the BRE informs readers of interesting news concerning the business climate and new EU legislation and initiatives.

The history of the BRE begins after the Institute for Economies in Transition at the Bank of Finland (BOFIT) conducted its final monitoring report on the Baltic States (Baltic Economies – Bimonthly Review) and Poland (Polish Economic Review) at the end of 2003. The Pan-European Institute (PEI), a research institute at the Turku School of Economics in Finland, decided to continue this monitoring activity as the Baltic Sea Rim had been one of the Institute’s core research areas for several years. Now, twenty years later, the BRE is facing new changes again, as the Centrum Balticum Foundation will take charge of the review in the beginning of 2023. The professional editorial staff and the changing experts behind the articles guarantee inspiring texts for the readers to discover.

The Editor-in-Chief responsible for writer invitations, Professor Kari Liuhto, describes, “It is a privilege to have experts in their field from all over the Baltic region to share their insights from the perspectives of different countries. Information exchange helps us develop the area and understand our cultural similarities and differences to boost our cooperation. The BRE is a journal to be recognised.”

The Baltic Rim Economies review, published 4-6 times a year, is available free of charge; you may register for the mailing list or read it online at

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