The Pan-European Institute observes the economic development in the Baltic Sea region and in the EU’s neighboring countries

The Pan-European Institute (PEI) is a research institute operating under the faculty of Marketing and International Business at the Turku School of Economics at the University of Turku, in Finland. PEI is a specialist in international business, investments and socio-economic development in the Baltic Sea region.

Based on high-quality research, PEI collaborates with several stakeholders by sharing the knowledge to students, researchers, companies, authorities and political decision-makers. PEI research and collaboration focus areas are geoeconomics and security, trade policy and business policy dialogue, and international business competitiveness and development.

Global and international developments in political relations, tensions and structures have direct implications on trade as well as the actions of individual firms. While many may have thought that these developments are distant from the everyday operations of most industries, scholars at PEI have studied the implications of security concerns, economic sanctions and political risks on international business for more than a decade. Amidst the current war in Europe and the related challenges and uncertainties, this area is now more topical than ever.

Global megatrends, particularly the new multipolarisation of economic power, rapid digitalisation, and the fight against climate change, generate synergies as well as conflicting interests globally. European economies must reform their existing institutions and policies to meet the new realities, pursue their goals, and generate increased resilience against sudden disruptions such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Researchers at PEI actively explore the implications of such trends and institutional developments, particularly how businesses could affect and engage in developing new trade policies.

Given the rapid, highly complex and continuously emerging changes in the global business environment, businesses in different industries must develop their competencies and processes by themselves and collectively at the industry ecosystem level. With a particular emphasis on the maritime industry, PEI has coordinated several international projects to increase business competitiveness, innovation, digitalisation, eco-efficiency and sustainability in business networks at a cluster or regional level. As competitiveness regards continuous advancements, our research on relevant dynamics will never be finished.

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