Jonas Noreika General Vėtra

Landsbergis: Those of good conscience should hurry to apologize to General Storm

New facts about Jonas Noreika-General Storm’s biography have become known, and certain critics should admit that they were mistaken and apologize, maintains Professor Vytautas Landsbergis. Also, according to the Professor, the mayor of the City […]


Rasa Čepaitienė: The Nighttime Politics of History (An answer to A. Nikžentaitis)

In his article, Alvydas Nikžentaitis (a Lithuanian historian recently appointed as the director of the Lithuanian Institute of History – ed.) starts with a review of key trends based on a short period of Lithuanian […]

Grigory Kanovich

Grigory Kanovich: the interview

­Grigory Kanovich is the last Lithuanian Jewish author with first-hand experience of the shtetls, the small Jewish towns that vanished from the face of the earth in 1941. This interview was given to Swedish journalist […]

The Union of Lublin. Painting by Jan Matejko

Will we tussle with history for long?

With a hot summer underway, two history-related resolutions emerged in Seimas almost at the same time and it would seem that they will both be met with controversy. A resolution proposed by Seimas Speaker Viktoras […]