Number of the wealthy in Vilnius skyrockets

Lithuania’s major cities have seen an impressive rise in the wealthy, with Vilnius even being a leader in this among Eastern European capitals. By the way, wealthy individuals, who count their monthly incomes in the […]



リトアニアは日本からの投資を誘致し、国際貨物輸送の経由地として機能する事に期待する。9月18日(水)同国のヤロスラフ・ナルケビッチ運輸通信大臣が記者会見で述べました。ナルケビッチ大臣はこの日リトアニアを訪問した国際協力銀行(JBIC)の代表団と今後の投資プロジェクトの可能性について意見交換を行いました […]

Gitanas Nausėda

The president’s honeymoon has ended

September 1 has arrived and the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports’ negotiations with teachers’ unions have once more entered the heated phase Vytautas Bruveris wrote in Already a few weeks ago, it turned […]

Vilnius Ronaldo Messi Installation by Jolita Vaitkute (photo by Paulius Zaborskas)

Vilnius makes a bit to host Ronaldo and Messi dinner

Ten of the best restaurants in Vilnius had reserved tables for Ronaldo and Messi, and a local artist created a 3D art piece made of food and restaurant equipment depicting the two football stars while […]

USA flags

USA expert: in case of a Russian attack, a clear defence plan for the Baltic states does not exist

China and Russia are the biggest headaches for the USA, but if Russia crosses the line in the Baltic countries, USA and NATO alliance partners would not hesitate, says Matthew Kroenig, an expert from the […]