Freedom first. Go, Belarus!
Central/Eastern Europe

The event Freedom First. Go Belarus! invites the people of Lithuania to unite and help Belarus

The civic support event Freedom First. Go Belarus! is launching in Lithuania. Its main goal is to help the Belarusian people defend their legitimate right to freely create a democratic state starting now. “We must help […]


Ambassador of China – Development: the best guarantee to national security

By Shen Zhifei, Chinese Ambassador to Lithuania At this fascinating time of lush green, China-EU relations have ushered in another “warm spring”. Last month, Chinese President Xi Jinping paid fruitful visits to Italy, France and […]

Andrius Kubilius

Andrius Kubilius. Strategy for the protection of democracy against hybrid threats

1. Democracies, both new and old, have been facing numerous challenges in the 21st century. Growing populist and authoritarian tendencies, on the one hand, and the abundance of oligarchical symptoms in young democracies, on the […]

Ukrainian Parliament

Foreign Policy and Michael Carpenter in detail about the Marshal Plan for Ukraine

As part of its article dedicated to the Marshal Plan for Ukraine, which was initiated by us, the Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail cites an article by Michael Carpenter, Adviser to former US Vice President Joe Biden, where he praises our initiative. I was thus impelled to get a hold of the entire article by Carpenter. The article was published in the final issue of Foreign Policy, one of the most influential magazines worldwide and one that is most widely read by foreign policy experts. […]

Andrius Kubilius

W. Europe needed a Marshall plan in 1947. In 2017 Marshall plan is needed for Ukraine

In 1947, following his return to Washington after the negotiations with Stalin and Molotov in Moscow, George Marshall, the famous US military leader and post-war Secretary of State, saw the need to promote economic recovery in Western Europe destroyed by war. This was seen as a stabilising factor and the only way to halt Stalin’s ambitions of expanding his political dominance to Western Europe. […]