Presidential Palace in Vilnius

New policy in the presidential elections

Bernadras Gailius / The presidential elections are highlighting a new quality political reality of Lithuania, where people are divided into supporters of oligarchy and democracy, instead of conservatives, social democrats and liberals, as it […]

Bank "Snoras"

What do the weakeners of the Russian Snoras ghost want?

MP Arvydas Anušauskas With the Seimas majority going after the Bank of Lithuania, we increasingly hear proposals to once more review the story of the Snoras bank’s bankruptcy. “This is a truly peculiar story,” the […]

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About us

The Lithuania Tribune is a privately owned, non-profit on-line portal, which has been covering Lithuanian politics, economics, international relations, defence and security in English since 2009. In addition to the news pieces, the Lithuania Tribune […]


Baltic paganism, superstitions and spells in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania

Darius Baronas | Baltic paganism, surviving in Europe up until the very late Medieval times, gave rise not only to hostility among the Christians, but also to a certain curiosity. As the Franciscan Bartholomew […]