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The Lithuania Tribune is a privately owned, non-profit on-line portal, which has been covering Lithuanian politics, economics, international relations, defence and security in English since 2009.

In addition to the news pieces, the Lithuania Tribune also publishes daily analytical texts which include the best analytical/feature pieces from the best Lithuanian experts/journalists. 

The Lithuania Tribune also cover Lithuanian culture and social life, very interested in its History and Lithuania’s numerous Diasporas abroad.  Developments in the Northern European and Baltic region are also close to the heart of the Lithuania Tribune.

We hope to support ideas that will help Lithuania become a modern and reliable member of the Western world. We are in favour of a confident Lithuania which is open to the world, feels comfortable with new developments while retaining her heritage, language and culture.

However, we give a platform to as many opinions as possible, while retaining objectivity in our content. We invite readers to enjoy the evolution of Lithuania, and we welcome all who want to take a constructive role in her future. 

The Lithuania Tribune portal appreciates any help it can get which enables its team to run this portal. If you feel that you could contribute financially, please, become our Patron, a dollar donated to the Tribune will go a long way. Press the button below and become our Patron. Become a Patron!

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P.S. The portal owned exclusively by VšĮ Baltoscandia Media

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