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Many of our readers are not aware of the fact that the Lithuania Tribune is a non-profit organisation (Viešoji Įstaiga – VšĮ). This means that any money we make goes into maintaining and expanding our English-language news coverage. Redirect 2% of your income taxes and the oldest English language publication in Lithuania.

Our mission is to bring quality daily news in English to expats in Lithuania and Lithuanians living abroad.  Therefore, those resident in Lithuania, who value our mission, can support us by redirecting their income taxes to our organisation.

The Lithuanian government allows Lithuanian residents to redirect 2% of their already-paid income taxes to one or more social institutions and non-profit organisations of their choosing.

Any income taxes not redirected by residents in this way will be used at the government’s discretion. The Lithuania Tribune is a non-profit organisation and is eligible to receive these 2% contributions from Lithuania’s residents. 

To pledge 2% to the Lithuania Tribune, Lithuania’s residents must fill out a FR0512 (type FR0512 into the Formos Kodas ) form for the State Tax Inspectorate (click here to find the form) at the STI. These forms must be filled out by May 2.

The forms will ask you for some information about us. Please enter these numbers:
Gavėjo tipas: 2
Gavėjo identifikacinis numeris (kodas): 302767679
Mokesčio dalies paskirtis: VšĮ Baltoscandia Media

We urge you to consider supporting our mission to provide the world with the latest news and views from and about Lithuania. We believe in the importance of what we do and we hope that you do also. Sincerely, The Lithuania Tribune staff.

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