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Most illegal migrants are not interested in life in Lithuania; their destination is W. Europe

Hundreds of foreigners have fled their accommodation in Lithuania since the country stopped restricting the movement of illegal migrants. According to a press release, this shows that foreigners who crossed the border illegally last year […]

German PzH2000 shooting for the first time in Lithuania
Central/Eastern Europe

Comparing Lithuanian and Russian military equipment: an expert explains what the latest purchases of the Ministry show

The efficiency of the military equipment purchased by Lithuania is several dozen to several hundred times higher than that of Russian equipment, according to arms expert Darius Antanaitis to news portal. D. Antanaitis, who […]

Central/Eastern Europe

MEP Andrius Kubilius. Europe’s geopolitical crisis: causes, lessons, consequences

Russia’s war against Ukraine is a major geopolitical crisis for the entire European continent. It is the first such geopolitical crisis since the Second World War and since the creation of what we now call […]

Central/Eastern Europe

Laurinkus. Will the Western security architecture ensure Ukraine’s final victory over Russia?

Morally, psychologically, Ukraine has won the war against Russia. But, physically, I do not have a clear opinion on how it will be Mečys Laurinkus writes in The moral victory is based on resistance […]