Lithuania acknowledged as a cheap country, this caused the anger of citizens

According to the affordability of goods and services in 2018, Lithuania lies ahead of many EU countries, the newest EU survey data says. However, Lithuanians are not rushing to celebrate; they say that the prices […]


Higher-class housing in Vilnius: sales continue to grow

The share of higher-class housing purchases in Vilnius continues to grow. In the first five months of this year, nearly 2400 newly built apartments were sold in the Lithuanian capital, with one of every eight […]

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Saving private journalist in the Industrial Revolution 4.0

The free market provides bountiful rewards to the winners and metes out harsh punishment on the losers. But there are unsuccessful players in the free market that the invisible hand of the market is starting […]


Mobility Package: the government will decide and we will be happy

Mobility Package presents a rare case in Lithuania – bitter disputes on an EU legislative project. Not regarding the villa of a provincial mayor, not yet another fight against alcohol or some other local scandal, […]