Photo Exhibition – In the Light we sometimes see

Professor Landsbergis Washington DC Photo © Ludo Segers

The photo exhibition “In the Light we sometimes see,” curated by Professor of Visual Arts, Ian Damerell, opens on Sunday, May 19th at 13H in Vilnius. The exhibition features the photos of Ludo Segers and invites the viewer to explore a world sometimes revealed by light. It runs at Traku Voke Dvaras Sodyba in Vilnius from May 19th to June 16th, 2024.

In preparing this exhibition, Professor Damerell asked: “Do photos dictate their own narrative, or do we construct our own meaning?” Thus, the ambiguity invites personal reflection and creative thinking. Ian Damerell challenges us to see beyond the limitations of language and truly perceive the world around us. About the photos themselves, Ian Damerell observed, “Ludo can freeze a fleeting moment, transform the everyday, and when he does, he leaves a powerful visual memory.”

Karolina’s Wayang Kulit 4881 Photo © Ludo Segers

Drawn to photography at a young age, Ludo’s high school focus on graphics, typography, and the arts (including music and theatre) fuelled his fascination with visual storytelling.  And the renowned French art critic Christian Noorbergen described Ludo’s photos as “eclectic and being at the intersection of fine art photography and narrative documentary,” as viewers encounter unique landscapes, captivating portraits, and cinematic compositions.

That train did not stop in Rolandseck Photo © Ludo Segers

Bernd Römhild said, “Ludo Segers captures the world around us. His vibrant portraits and dreamlike landscapes offer a unique perspective, sparking the viewer’s imagination and inviting them to create their own stories.” Indeed, many of the landscapes are minimalist and evocative, often resembling theatrical stages for human interaction. Light and colour play a crucial role, transforming the ordinary into the contemplative.

Belgian Athlete Marta Alexandra Chilinsky Photo © Ludo Segers

Some photos, like “Near Trakai,” capture the essence of simplicity, while others invite deeper exploration as Segers’ photographs range from clear statements to enigmatic explorations. But Segers’ playful humour shines through in his still life photography, where everyday objects become portraits.

Near Trakai Photo © Ludo Segers

Yet, his portraits are deeply human, capturing not just appearances but the inner lives of his subjects. Veronique Lejeune described Ludo Segers as a “photographer-philosopher” as his work going beyond mere documentation. Lejeune added that “His photos possess what Gaëtan Picard described as a ‘L’admirable tremblement du temps’ and hinting at deeper narratives and emotions.”

Steppenwolf in Diest Photo © Ludo Segers

The exhibition hints also at the future of photography: exploring the interplay between the viewer’s psyche and the image itself. Some photos delve into the surreal, echoing the influence of psychoanalysis and venturing into the unconscious mind.

Exhibition Information

  • Title: In the Light we sometimes see
  • Dates: May 19th – June 16th, 2024
  • Location: Traku Voke Dvaras Sodyba, Vilnius
  • Opening Hours: Wednesday to Friday (11H-19H), Saturday (11H-17H), Sunday (12H-15H)
  • Sponsor: Flander’s Government Representative as part of the Belgian Presidency of the EU
The Spirit of Industry Photo © Ludo Segers
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