Wrap Up of 2020: key takeaways of fintech ecosystem

With favourable business conditions to grow, Lithuania is a home for many technology startups and established companies. One of the fastest developing sectors is fintech. Although 2020 was a challenging year for the country’s economy […]


Life continues during the lockdown: Citus introduces the project PaJustis in Vilnius

Citus is introducing the new housing project PaJustis in the capital’s Justiniškės district, near to the former Buivydiškės Manor. The project will be comprised of five low rise apartment buildings with 100 flats and 80 […]


The Meteoric Rise of the Baltic Online Gaming Community

The Baltic sister states (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia) have enjoyed unprecedented levels of progress over the past few decades. Indeed, this entire region has been associated with rising levels of economic momentum since the dissolution […]

The Essential News

Restrictions await us from Wednesday

The situation with the spread of the coronavirus in Lithuania is not improving, and on December 7, the country’s government revised the quarantine conditions. The toughened regime will take effect on December 9. A proposal […]