Store parking solution – will be reviewed

Parking lot. Ruffa Jane Reyes @ Unsplash

After the government decided to limit the number of parking spaces near malls, markets and shops, retailers are still trying to find a way out and imagine how to make it a reality. Acting Minister of Healthcare Aurelijus Veryga said that the shopping centres should not face any difficulties, and the parking arrangements near small stores could be revised.

“A government meeting will take place on Wednesday. Theoretically, the area of 15 and 30 sq. m. Can be associated with the size of the store, which means that the parking lots can somehow be tied to such figures. But until the discussion is over, it is difficult to say something,” Veryga said.

He said that retailers are responsible for fulfilling these requirements, not the people themselves, since residents are not so conscientious as to put cars in every 5th place.


The situation in Lithuania is worsening, and the upcoming holidays are of concern not only to epidemiologists. Palanga Mayor Šarūnas Vaitkus assures that it is necessary to tighten measures, and to impose restrictions on entry to resorts on holidays.

“Of course, those people who have booked hotels and who have real estate in Palanga can come, but everyone else can’t, because the situation is getting worse,” the mayor repeated.

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