Latvian flag

The truth behind numbers: is Latvia really better at fighting Covid-19?

There has always been an element of competitiveness between Lithuania and its sisterly neighbour Latvia, so measuring which of the two countries has handled the Covid-19 crisis better is no exception. The overall number of […]


Aided by technology, Lithuanians adhered to lockdown rules better than other Northern Europeans

According to a press release, out of all the Northern European countries, Lithuania is leading the way in the number of people who have stopped seeing their friends or visiting cafes and restaurants during the […]

Mask Fashion Week

Creativity Cannot Be Masked: Vilnius Presents Mask Fashion Week

The streets of Vilnius streets are currently dotted with giant photos of people wearing protective masks made in a creative way. The images are part of a new project called Mask Fashion Week, which drew its inspiration from members of a Facebook […]


Lithuanians are self-isolating in an exemplary way; yet can the quarantine be eased?

Latest analysis shows that Lithuanians, compared to the neighbouring Baltic States, go to shops and parks the least often, as well as rarely use public transport. This is a great help in fighting the spread […]