Covid-19. May 26

Visualization of the Covid-19. By Viktor Forgacs. Unsplash

Lithuania has seen the biggest slowdown in the spread of the coronavirus this year, the government said.

According to the latest data, the growth decreased by 31 per cent. This index is calculated on the basis of the assessment of new infections and the percentage of positive tests for the presence of the virus.


According to the government, the number of new cases of infection has dropped in 52 out of 60 municipalities. In addition, the situation is also improving in hospitals where the occupancy of covid beds is falling.

On Wednesday (May 26), the government decided that the quarantine would be extended until the end of June. The operation of cafés in open air areas has been extended by two hours, indoors spaces will be able to accommodate a maximum of ten people, and outside – unlimited.


“Once again, we extended the quarantine period until the end of June, we tried to create a new version to make it easier for everyone to use the information. We are introducing all changes from the first day of June,” said Minister of Healthcare Arūnas Dulkys.

From June 1, there are also changes to the Opportunity Passport.


The document will be available to a person not only after performing a COVID-19 test and receiving a negative result no later than 72 hours after the PCR test, but also a person after the antibody test, not later than 24 hours from the time of sample collection.

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