Life continues during the lockdown: Citus introduces the project PaJustis in Vilnius


Citus is introducing the new housing project PaJustis in the capital’s Justiniškės district, near to the former Buivydiškės Manor. The project will be comprised of five low rise apartment buildings with 100 flats and 80 two-storey terraced houses, which will be built in four stages. It will be possible to choose between various sizes and plans for 1 to 3 room apartments ranging in size from 32 to 64 square metres, or 3 to 5 room terraced houses of 62 to 95 square metres in size. Sales for the project started on November 27.

The planned project investment will reach around 9.5 million Euro. The CITUS business group is investing alongside its partners, the foreign capital company Allied Investment Group.

“We are not the first with a housing project in this part of the city but we see vast potential for it as the nearby former Buivydiškės Manor offers nature and greenery. Its heritage consists of seven ponds, with the nearest of them just under 100 metres away, as well as small and cosy groves for walks. Around them, we have the excellently developed infrastructure of Justiniškės and Pilaitė districts: schools, kindergartens, department stores, healthcare institutions, leisure, resting and culture establishments, and important roadways that can be used to reach Vilnius city centre with ease,” says Citus director Mantas Galdikas.

The second advantage he lists is the nearby Western Bypass, which is not only an important transport artery for Vilnius, it also has business centres emerging nearby, which means that job numbers are growing as well, with Vilnius Outlet Park being built. The city municipality has envisioned continued development of the bypass’ connecting infrastructure, which should make the nearby homes’ value rise in the near future.

M. Galdikas was glad about the return of terraced houses to Citus’ portfolio, which have not been on offer by the company since the completion of the Karaliaučiaus Slėnis project. However, there is demand on the market for a private house’s advantages in the city’s house market, Citus’ director explained.

PaJustis, just like other projects by Citus, will have characteristic traits: a safe and closed territory, economical homes, varying leisure spaces for residents of all ages, green spaces, and other advantages. The cosy, low rise settlement, which will be designed by the company Projektavimo Sprendimai, will be notable for its unified architecture in natural colours, with facades covered with clinker, and decorative plaster.

The homes will feature economic gas heating, and there are plans to install a solar power plant which will supply the settlement’s common needs of electricity. The option to obtain solar panels for one’s own house will also be made available to all those settling in PaJustis’ town houses. All apartments on the ground floor and, as usual, all terraced houses, will have their separate yards. The project is to have 240 terrestrial parking places.

The project dedicates much attention to the arrangement of the interior territory and the forming of a communal neighbourhood. Here, by making use of the natural landscape, a large leisure space will be created on a hill ascent, where separate zones will be made available for residents of all ages, featuring a children’s playground with two especially long slides, and a sports field with training equipment. The youngest ones will get a separate enclosed area and both these spaces will be set up in the very first stage so that the earliest inhabitants can enjoy it.

For the adults, there will be a steak and grill zone, tennis, foosball and chess tables, and a cinema amphitheatre.

Even the residents’ pets won’t be left bored – a training zone has been allocated to them, as well as a bathing station, which will also allow for washing bicycles.

Construction works for PaJustis’ homes are to be launched this year. The first to rise will be the first stage of private houses, while the apartment buildings will come in the second and third stages. All four stages are to be completed in 2022.

This is the fourth project Citus introduced in 2020 and the sixth one which is to start construction by the end of the year. In June construction works launched in the project Būk Čia (located in Vilnius, Lazdynėliai district) and the second stage of Miško Ardai (in Vilnius, Burbiškės district); in July – Klevų Namai and Radio City (being in Kaunas‘ Dainava and Žaliakalnis districts); in October, the launch of the Link Ten project in the capital’s Šnipiškės district was announced. All the projects combined, including PaJustis, will offer almost 550 apartments in Vilnius and 520 in Kaunas.

Facts and figures

  • Project address: Mozūriškių g. 190 Vilnius
  • Planned investment: around 9.5 million Euro
  • Buildings: five three-storey apartment buildings, two-storey terraced houses; buildings of  A+ energy efficiency class
  • Combined space on offer: around 11,290 square metres
  • Parking places: 240 (terrestrial)
  • Planned launch of construction works: November 2020 (stage 1), end – May 2021 (80 percent completion)
  • More information:

Terraced houses

  • Number of buildings: 80 terraced houses; number of rooms: 3 to 5; size: 62 to 95 square metres
  • Number of stages: 4
  • Pricing: from 1,297 Euro per square metre
  • Space on offer: around 5,880 square metres


  • Number of apartments: 100 units; number of rooms: 1 to 3; size: 34 to 64 square metres
  • Number of stages: 2
  • Pricing: from 1,540 euros per square meter
  • Space on offer: around 4,310 square metres
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