COVID 19 vaccination has begun

Covid Mask. Adam Niescioruk Unsplash

The first employees of Lithuanian hospitals were vaccinated against coronavirus on Sunday morning.

The first vaccination in Vilnius was given to Nijolė Ramonaitė, a nurse of the Infectious Diseases Centre of the Santaros Clinics, and in Kaunas, Jolanta Litvinienė became a pioneer. At the same time, vaccination began in three more hospitals in the country.

The nurses who were vaccinated during the live broadcast said they were doing great.

The vaccinations were not painful, they said, and the feeling was the same as after the flu vaccine.


According to the doctor immunologist of the Kaunas clinics Ieva Bajoriūnienė, three weeks after the first vaccination, it will be necessary to do a second one. “Scientists have calculated that a second vaccination will be required after 21 days, and after a week a second one can already say that the immune system will be ready to defend itself,” the doctor explained.

This vaccine, like any medicine, can have side effects, she said, but they are not very common. “The developers of the drug say that the most common side effects can be fever, muscle pain, pain at the injection site. “Frequent” means that it occurs in more than 1 in 10 people vaccinated. But in general, side effects are rare,” Bajoriūnienė said.

The cases of severe anaphylactic reactions reported in the media were only three exceptions out of several hundred thousand, a side effect that is very rare, she said. Also, according to the doctor, allergies occur only in isolated cases.

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