Self-proclaimed Republic in Vilnius celebrates its Independence on April Fool’s Day

For most people around the world, the 1st of April is known as April Fool’s day. It is a jovial celebration with pranks on friends and family members. But in Vilnius – the capital of […]


Photographer in Vilnius paints a different portrait of a city in quarantine

While most of the photos portraying today‘s world show empty alleys, deserted streets, closed cafes and almost no one on the horizon, Vilnius-based photographer Adas Vasiliauskas has managed to find the missing piece in his […]

Moscow, Russia
Central/Eastern Europe

It is worth knowing better the country we view as threatening

Lithuanian news media was left surprised with V. Putin’s ratings in a sociological survey being almost equal to D. Trump’s. The two politicians, who make appearances in the world’s information space every day, received positive […]


A metropolis suspended in time. Paris a week in full lockdown. Photos

Lithuanians think of it as the city of love.  Now it is a city suspended in time with dark shades of war stories belonging to another era—a ghost town with many empty streets and deserted […]