COVID-19 can be diagnosed without a test

Testing for Covid, by Mufid Majnun @ Unsplash

In order to respond more quickly to the threat of the coronavirus, the Ministry of Healthcare issued an order according to which COVID-19 can be diagnosed without a PCR test.

Such a diagnosis is made if a person develops symptoms characteristic of COVID-19 within 14 days of contact with a family member with the coronavirus or another person whose diagnosis has been confirmed by the PCR method.

In this case, the family doctor enters into the form E025 e. the diagnosis U07.2, which means “COVID-19, no virus detected.”

The Ministry of Health also draws attention to the fact that after the testing positive for the coronavirus, the sick person should contact their family doctor by phone. The doctor or nurse will discuss with the patient a plan for observation and treatment, establish an isolation and COVID-19 schedule.

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