Restrictions await us from Wednesday

Stay Home. By Glen Carrie @ Unsplash

The situation with the spread of the coronavirus in Lithuania is not improving, and on December 7, the country’s government revised the quarantine conditions.

The toughened regime will take effect on December 9. A proposal will be made to extend the quarantine until December 31. As for the measures that the government will take on Wednesday.


In shops and other places of trade and provision of services, increase the area for 1 person to 15 sq. m if the area of the entire premises is 10,000 sq. m and less, or up to 30 sq. m if the area is more than 30,000 sq.

Additional recommendations have been suggested. Trading places, shops and markets are offered to increase the number of checkouts; no more than 5 people should queue at a checkout.


Only one family member should go to stores.

More rigid alternatives are not excluded. First, 20 sq. m per visitor to shops or places of service. Second, as well as during the spring quarantine, closing of shops selling non-food items.


 They also suggest not to make any exceptions for services related to leisure:

–          no exceptions for sports other than professional sports;


–          in state and municipal institutions, all services will be provided only remotely;

–          a ban on visits to museums, galleries and excursions.


Work of educational institutions:

–          kindergartens and preschool groups will work taking into account all safety measures;


–          primary schoolchildren will continue attending schools but will go on the Christmas holidays from December 14 until January 3. The rest of the schoolchildren will work only remotely, with the exception of specialized schools and students of specialized classes;

–          informal training only in a remote format or its complete cessation of activity;


–          non-formal education for adults – only in a remote format, with the exception of practical training in aviation, navigation and driving;

–          professional training is transferred to a remote location.


In addition, Aurelius Veryga is going to sign an order, according to which masks must be worn at workplaces, not only during meetings, except for cases when the person is alone in the office.

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