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12 apply for head of Lithuania’s national broadcaster LRT

Among applicants for director general of the Lithuanian national radio and television (LRT) are Audrius Siaurusevičius who headed the LRT for two terms, former editor-in-chief of news portal Monika Garbačiauskaitė-Budrienė and political reviewer Bernardas Gailius of the conservatives. […]

Monika Garbačiauskaitė-Budrienė ir Rasa Lukaitytė-Vnarauskienė

Changes in Delfi: M. Garbačiauskaitė-Budrienė changes work profile, editorial office to be headed by R. Lukaitytė-Vnarauskienė

The long term editor of Delfi Monika Garbačiauskaitė-Budrienė has decided to relinquish the office of chief editor and focus on journalistic and creative work, the leadership of the Delfi editorial office is to go to the deputy chief editor and business news editor, also long term Delfi journalist Rasa Lukaitytė-Vnarauskienė. […]

Most Influential in Lithuania 2017: News Media personalities

Most Influential in Lithuania 2017: News Media list

Both the country’s elite and the public are unanimous in their perception of the most influential journalists. The list is topped by Edmundas Jakilaitis, Andrius Tapinas, Monika Garbačiauskaitė-Budrienė and Rimvydas Valatka. These are the results […]