Opinion: Stress-testing welfare states

I would like to present an innovative way of seeing how the welfare state can mitigate wide-spread socio-economic risks and measure individual vulnerability to poverty. This will help address the issue of whether we are living in a society of risk and anxiety or whether the welfare state, with its social protection system, can mitigate these risks and safeguard people from falling into poverty. […]

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No wise men, no heroes: Scientists pin down Lithuanian national character

According to the results of a recent study of national archetypes of Lithuanians, we are kind-hearted, composed, caring, long suffering, down-to-earth, ordinary, and have a special relationship with nature. Based on psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung’s theory of archetypes, the research has been conducted in co-operation with experts from a variety of backgrounds, including ethnologists, philosophers, historians, psychologists, and sociologists. […]