KGB archives

KGB files: some remain that will only be opened under special circumstances

Despite the uproar that arose over Saulius Sondeckis, Donatas Banionis and Vincentas Sladkevičius‘ potential collaboration with the KGB, it would appear that the impact of collaboration with Soviet intelligence accusations have weakened with the public. […]

Dainava district partisans. Winter 1945-1946

A disappointing response to the tragic story of Lithuanian partisans that angered the Kremlin

Just three years ago the Kremlin was greatly angered by a video about post-war freedom fighters in the Baltics shared on the NATO Twitter profile. In response to the video, Moscow once more took to […]

From an exhibit on the Roma in the Holocaust

Genocide research centre may publish list of suspected Lithuanian Holocaust collaborators

The Genocide and Resistance Research Centre of Lithuania (LGGRTC) has announced that it may publish a list of individuals who had worked in police institutions during the Nazi occupation of Europe. This would amount to a list of individuals who may have contributed to the Holocaust in Lithuania, though it would not be clear in what capacity they may have collaborated. […]