ELECTIONS. Changes in electoral budgets

It may not be that the largest budget is the deciding factor for a successful election campaign, however it remains an important factor in many cases. The ban on business contributions to campaigns has significantly changed the budgetary landscape, but parties still retain opportunities to benefit from business partners. […]

Vytautas Gapšys and Viktor Uspaskich

Tax inspectorate appeals against ruling in Labour Party’s trial

The Vilnius Tax Inspectorate has filed an appeal against a court ruling in the Labour Party‘s case, asking the Supreme Court to order the guilty persons to pay more than €174,000 euros in unpaid taxes. […]

Viktoras Uspaskichas

Why was sentence so light for Labour party founder?

It took almost 10 years for a court’s decision regarding the Labour Party‘s fraudulent bookkeeping in 2004-2006 to come into effect. However, the Vilnius circuit court’s altered decision regarding the sentence for Viktor Uspaskich, the party’s disgraced founder, raised a storm of commentary. Few seem to have expected the appeal court’s decision. How could it be that the accused got away with a tiny fine when they had been working to hide millions? […]

Viktor Uspaskich

President on Labour Party acquittal: It still pays to steal in Lithuania

It still pays to defraud, steal and avoid taxes in Lithuania, the country’s President Dalia Grybauskaitė said on Monday, commenting on the Court of Appeals verdict in the Labour Party‘s fraudulent bookkeeping case. […]

Valentinas Mazuronis

Labour Party leader Mazuronis vows to stay in leader’s position until after elections

Labour Party leader, MEP Valentinas Mazuronis said he has no intention of withdrawing from the party leader‘s position until after parliamentary elections. […]