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Tick peak season is approaching in Lithuania, warn officials

As the weather in Lithuania gets warmer and warmer, officials are warning that ticks’ peak feeding period is soon approaching. Experts have said that adults are more susceptible to encephalitis and Lyme disease, both diseases that these ticks can carry. Ironically, the many green spaces and parks that Vilnius is often praised for can also become breeding grounds for these parasites. […]

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Paksas proposes three more candidates for interior minister

The leader of Lithuania’s ruling Order and Justice party, MEP Rolandas Paksas, said on Monday he had proposed three new candidates for the post of interior minister after Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius rejected the candidacy of MP Povilas Gylys. […]

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Liberal Movement selects journalists among candidates for the elections

Liberal Movement Council approved 32 new single member constituency representatives to take part in this year’s parliamentary elections over the weekend. […]


Foreign Direct Investment in Lithuania on the rise

Direct foreign investment (FDI) were on the rise in Lithuania last year, growing from 0.6% to 2.1% of the country’s GDP year-on-year. […]

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‘There is no institution like the Vatican in Islam that can excommunicate extremist Muslims’

There were some 13 million Muslims living in Europe several years ago, according to Pew Research Center, and several more million have come from Syria and Iraq over the last few years. Professor Egdūnas Račius of the Kaunas-based Vytautas Magnus University says that religion is not always the right lens through which to look at and make sense of the world’s Muslims. […]

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Permanent residence expats ‘must pay for health insurance in Lithuania’

Lithuanian citizens and foreigners must pay for the compulsory health insurance (PSD) only if they are permanently residing in Lithuania, said Lithuania’s State Tax Inspectorate (VMI). […]