A quarter of Lithuanians have never used internet

“We have 25 percent of Lithuania – a quarter of the public has never been connected to the internet, and they do not use the technology at all – and they do not get any benefit. And almost half of our society has very low internet usage skills, they need to learn and integrate the benefits of technology into their lives much more,” said Vertelka.

Despite low use of technology Lithuania has growing demand for information technology professionals but emigration driven demographic trends are exacerbating the problem.

Vertelka said the situation could be addressed in two ways.

“One way is related to our country’s education system, which is also not easy, because there is a demographic shrinkage – less students finish schools, come to the universities. The shortage apparently will have to be covered not only through higher, but also professional schools.

“Of course seconly, companies are already using the opportunity to bring the needed professionals in from third countries,” said Vertelka.

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