A Week in Vilnius: 21-28 January

The author of these tips is the leading expert on Vilnius nightlife and leisure, Daina Dubauskaitė, who has been covering cultural action in the city for a decade now. So, subscribe to this guide and you’ll be in safe hands when you leave your hotel or apartment.

Wednesday, Jan 21th
Art: Techno-Ecologies

8PM-late, “Paviljonas”
Admission free

Vilnius Academy of Arts happens to own a delightful art residency in the most beautiful and also most isolated corner of Lithuania, the Curonian Spit. More than 70 artists have contemplated on the topic of Techno-Ecologies in the past couple of years, and it’s now time to present the results. A magazine will be distributed and a creative documentary about the ecosystems of sand and water will be shown. A couple of record diggers will provide their own interpretation of the topic. All of this in a new-ish bar that used to be a flower pavilion, situated on the outskirts of the Old Town. Worth a visit on its own!

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Thursday, Jan 22th
Live music: In The Beat Of Soul

8:30PM, “Tamsta” club
Admission €4.5

“Tamsta” is a local live music spot to be. Many now famous local musicians have started their careers there, there are also open mic nights and lindy-hop nights and jazz jam sessions and what not – it just has to be live. On Friday the stage will be occupied by young Lithuanian singer Eglė Gadeikytė who is ready to deliver some soul and jazz – all with a modern twist and a live musician band.

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Friday, Jan 23th
Live music: Momend | Lady Gothenburg

9PM, “Liverpool” indie/rock club
Admission €4

Located in an unusual spot – a not-so-lively business centre behind the Parliament, the “Liverpool” bar was opened by indie enthusiasts well known for their rockotheques around town. It’s small and usually full of likeminded youngsters who like to hear the sound of a guitar, live or recorded. For the early-ish start of Friday there’ll be two concerts by a Latvian band “Momend” and locals “Lady Gothenburg”. A rockotheque to follow, of course.

Saturday, Jan 24th
Nightlife: #PARTYFTW

10PM, CAC café
Admission free

Mark Splinter moved to Lithuania way before it was cool (if we agree it’s kinda cool now) and is responsible – among other things – for the import of dubstep, also the biggest party of the genre in the history of Vilnius. He has teamed up with his fellow Englishman Jeff Metal and a local heavyweight M-Theory to now host the smallest dubstep rave in the history of Vilnius. Beware, the glass windows of CAC café!

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Sunday, Jan 25th
Breakfast: Cozy


Opened more than a decade ago by an insightful Dutch guy, Cozy is still going strong. It’s great for business lunch and very suitable for late night dancing on tables, too. The café is also one of the best places for a relaxed weekend breakfast – English, French, Continental, healthy, filling, comforting, you name it.

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Monday, Jan 26th
Movie festival: Ecrans d’hiver

Various times, “Skalvija” and “Pasaka” cinemas
Admission around €4.92

Movie festivals are kind of a big thing in Vilnius – there’s always one going on or coming up. “Ecrans d’hiver”, or “Screens of Winter”, was established by the French Institute of Vilnius with the hope to remind people of the genial simplicity of the beauty of cinema. This year’s programme is called “Through the perspective of a Woman”, and, together with the main part, a retrospective of the talented French actress, director and writer Nicole Garcia is also on the menu. Dive in! And please check if the movie you’ve selected is also subtitled in English…

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Tuesday, Jan 27th
Art: Moments

11AM-6PM, Town Hall
Admission free

Mindaugas Norkus, an employee of Lithuanian Television and Lithuanian Cinema Studio, started to capture the portraits of actors, directors, writers, painters, composers and other significant faces of culture, 40 years ago. Around the same number of portraits are now exhibited in the Town Hall. Perfect timing if you haven’t yet visited the building itself (the exhibition is closing on Jan 31st).

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