Advertising market in Lithuania up 6.2%


“In January-May of this year, mobile service providers were most active in advertising, their advertising increased by 328 percent. Increases were also observed in gross volume of advertising of loan and leasing services (127 percent), medications for headaches, analgesic (108 percent).

During the recent months total advertising gross budget was also supplemented by 2 percent of political presidential and European Parliament election campaign,” says Giedrė Juronienė, Head of Advertising Monitoring at TNS LT.

In January-May 2014 compared to the same period in 2013, television advertising rose by 7.5 percent, radio advertising increased by 11 percent, cinema advertising rose by 11.7 percent, outdoor advertising went up by 31.3 percent. Meanwhile, press advertising fell by 4.1 percent and internet advertising decreased by 9 percent,

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