After allegations of drunk driving by land service chief, minister launches investigation

Daiva Gineikaitė
Verslo žinios / J.Grigelytės nuotr.

It is suspected that Gineikaitė attempted to conceal the fact that she was intoxicated after the traffic accident occurred. The Special Investigation Service (STT) summoned her as a special witness to probe the possible forgery of documents related to the incident.

“We talked with the head of STT today and, as I understood, a report will be submitted after questioning,” the agriculture minister told reporters, noting that without an internal investigation, Gineikaitė cannot be dismissed as the head of NZT.

The agriculture minister said she spoke to the head of the NZT on Tuesday. Gineikaitė once again denied driving while intoxicated and refused to step down from the position.

The head of the NZT underwent a breathalyser test at the scene of the accident which showed 1.66 per mille blood alcohol content. Gineikaitė has denied driving while drunk, however, and said a blood test was taken at a hospital that proved she was sober. As a result, the STT carried out a search at Kaunas Clinical Hospital, suspecting that the documents were falsified.

After the accident, Gineikaitė took unpaid leave until 20 January.

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