Airfields to be sold to municipalities

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“There are 6 or 7 municipalities that want to become owners of airfields and to seek international investors to develop them. Airfields cannot remain in the position that they are now. A compromise solution has been found,” said Skvernelis.

“If other municipalities refuse to take control of the airfields, we will look for ways to keep them so that their purpose would not be changed and they would be used for tourism and sports. Currently, parts of the assets are managed by the Department of Health and Physical Education, the National Land Service under the Ministry of Agriculture, the Defence Ministry and Turto bankas.”

Jonas Mažintas, the president of Lithuanian Aero Club, on the other hand, claims that the decision was not a good one.

“A bad decision has been taken. We negotiated with the Interior Ministry to put 8 to 9 of the most promising airfields under the control of a single institution. What will the regional aero clubs do having nothing at all? Moreover, the municipalities do not even have professionals to administer airfields and to ensure the safety of flights.”

According to the Interior Ministry, there are 15 sports and general aviation airfields in Lithuania.

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