Attitude towards children with hearing disabilities improving in Lithuania

The news service of LRT national broadcaster said that the international conference addressed changes and achievements in lives of children with hearing impairments.

“The state currently compensates for two hearing aids for children, which is good, however, they are selected from the certain amount aids that have already been bought. So it may turn out that there is no hearing aid for the specific child, so if the parents buy the aid needed for their child by the degree of hearing loss, the compensation is only up to 10 percent. (…) We would want parents to be able to buy the hearing aids their children need, and the state could compensate at least 3,000-4,000 litas (EUR 870-1,160), and the parents would pay the rest,” PAGAVA president Rima Sitavičienė said at the conference on Saturday.

In her words, children who want to attend schools of general education are often faced with the problem of schools being unable to hire assistant teachers to work with the disabled children in class.

Although the register of newborns with hearing disabilities is not yet functional, calculations suggest that about 30-40 babies with deafness or hearing disabilities are born every year.

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