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Beer Renaissance flourishes in Lithuania

Beer is increasingly replacing wine and brandy as the drink of sophistication in Lithuania. Walking through the streets of Vilnius at night, it is hard not to notice the many bars crowded with people sipping all sorts of specialty beers. Beer connoisseurs and sommeliers are enthusiastically confirming this trend. […]

On set of The Cobbler

Hollywood cast of new Tolstoy film ‘falling in love with Lithuania’

Filming for the new US TV film The Cobbler started in Vilnius this week. The film is based on a short story by Tolstoy and stars Hollywood legend John Rhys-Davies. “We all quickly started falling in love with Lithuania,” said producer and co-writer of The Cobbler, Russ Kendall. […]


Lithuania sets eyes on Japanese and American tourists

Lithuania expects to see the rapid growth of its tourism sector continue well into 2016. With a Lithuanian delegation travelling to the US later this month to promote the country, the award from the UNTWO for the Treetop Walking Path in Anykšciai, and the buzz that the Kaunas-set Japanese WWII film Persona Non Grata has created, Lithuania’s tourism sector is finding its way into the spotlights all over the world. […]

Tom Harper (director) & Tuppence Middleton as Helene Kuragin

War and Peace director Tom Harper: ‘I felt like an army general myself, but with less severe consequences’

Tom Harper, director of the BBC‘s latest adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s epic War & Peace, returns to Vilnius, the backdrop of many of the series’ scenes, for the first screening in Lithuania. David van Roon of the Lithuania Tribune speaks with Harper about Lithuania’s most beautiful film locations, local cuisine and how directing an army of actors in a battle scene is not all that different from commanding an actual army. […]

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Foreign affairs

Surprisingly musical Christmas wishes from the Embassy of Sweden in Vilnius

The Embassy of Sweden in Vilnius sent out an unusual and musical Christmas greeting this year. When the recipients received an email from the embassy they were invited to click on a picture of the entire embassy staff in Christmas hats. The email then led them to the festive video in which the staff bellow out ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas’ in Swedish, English and Lithuanian. […]

Menorah lit on Kudirkos Square

Bright messages during 22nd Vilnius Menorah lighting

A large crowd gathered on Kudirkos Square to witness Rabbi Sholom B. Krinsky light the Menorah candelabra this past Thursday. With the mayor of Vilnius and the first Israeli ambassador to Lithuania, Amir Maimo, attending, this 22nd Hanukkah event in Vilnius showed that it has grown with the city. […]