European Union

Dilemma of EU neighbourhood policy: Mediterranean vs. Eastern Partnership

The European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) is the instrument through which the European Union (EU) aims to create bonds between its Member States and the countries at the boundaries of the EU and thus secure the stability of the European borders. The EU stipulates Association Agreements offering financial support and other advantages in exchange for a commitment to implement reforms. There are two action plans within the ENP: the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) and the Eastern Partnership (EaP). […]

Central European countries' flags in Kaunas

V4 divergences: symptom of a deeper crisis in Europe?

The spread of the Ukrainian crisis has aroused strong reactions of the USA and the European Union against Russian interference in Ukrainian politics. Russia is a strategic market for Europe and the close trades and financial links have pushed the European Union in the direction of a more moderate and careful response, at first. Because of the stalemate in the dialogue between Moscow and Kiev and the threat of a Russian military intervention in Ukraine, the EU has aligned its plan sanctions against Russia with the USA one, between July and September. […]