Vytautas Keršanskas

Vytautas Keršanskas. Let‘s stop talking about a European military

In recent months, we hear ever more intensive discussions on the creation of a European military. The topic has been covered by figures ranging from the heads of the largest European Union country heads of state to the presidential candidates in Lithuania. However, one must note that it is an equally impossible to even begin implementing idea as, say, an EU Olympic team or football team. […]


Opinion: Kaliningrad – Kremlin‘s joker in geopolitical poker game with West

The Kremlin‘s propaganda rarely shocks anymore and hardly registers as news with most people but some of it deserves attention because when a specific propaganda message is repeated over and over, it is done in an attempt to embed it in our minds as being the uncontestable truth. In the case of Kaliningrad, it has to be feared that the Kremlin‘s efforts are an attempt to incite war between the West and Russia. […]

Vladimir Putin

Opinion: How to restrain the Russian Czar?

While the war in Eastern Ukraine continues, no one can come up with an idea of how to restrain Russia, which responds to international norms cynically and does not want to hear the warnings of the global community. The current sanctions that Russia is subjected to have one main goal, which is to stop the conflict in Eastern Ukraine and force Moscow to stop supporting terrorists in that area. […]