Bad news from the courtroom for V. Gapšys

Vytautas Gapšys
DELFI / Kiril Čachovskij

The complaint stated that the accused did not break the conditions imposed on him, gave testimony and there is no basis to believe that in the future he could maintain connections to individuals he is currently barred from interacting with. Furthermore, the complaint specifies that all the significant information for the case has been gathered already and the ruling of Vilnius District Court to reject the request was made without justification.

The Lithuanian Court of Appeals found no basis to change or remove the district court’s ruling, thus the complaint was rejected. The college of judges noted that the case is very large and complex, with court proceedings expected to continue into June 21, 2019, many investigative actions still have not been completed and thus it is crucial to ensure the proceedings are unhindered.

To remind, the Vilnius District Court is dealing with a criminal case where V. Gapšys stands accused of a number of major corruption crimes. Accusations have been levied against Raimondas Kurlianskis, Eligijus Masiulis, Šarūnas Gustainis, Gintaras Steponavičius, the MG Baltic group, the Liberal Movement party and Labour Party in the same case.

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