Britain to “redouble efforts” to reform EU: UK ambassador

H.E. British Ambassador to Lithuania David Hunt
DELFI / Šarūnas Mažeika

“As my Prime Minister has said, the European elections proved that voters think the status quo in the EU is unacceptable. They want change, more focus on the issues that matter and less interference from the EU“, Hunt told BNS Friday.

He said EU leaders made a mistake by approving of the former Luxembourg premier who was pushed by the main political groups in the European Parliament.

“We also firmly believe that the principle of the European Council proposing the Commission President should be upheld and that’s why we opposed the nomination of Jean Claude Juncker. We think it is a mistake that other leaders have decided to abandon that approach”, British envoy said.

“The UK will now re-double it’s efforts to drive reform of the Union so that It can succeed and will work with other like minded Member States to achieve that objective”, he added.

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