Cadet school to open in Klaipėda next year

DELFI / Rinatas Chairulinas

The City Council on Wednesday gave the green light for establishing the Cadet School on the basis of an existing general education school in Klaipėda, the local authority said in a press release.

“The road to the establishment of the Cadet School was long and tortuous. We had discussed the idea both with ministry officials and with neighboring municipalities. Finally, we found a solution that may not be perfect, but it is optimal,” Klaipėda Mayor Vytautas Grubliauskas said.

The Cadet School will open with fifth to eight grades, with senior grades to be added at a later stage.

Its basic and secondary education program will be supplemented with the basics of seafaring and warfare.

The key objective of the Cadet School’s program will be to form its students’ maritime mentality and make them patriots of Lithuania as a maritime state, according to the press release.

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