Conservative MP asks to remove chairman of parliamentary Legal Affair Committee

Julius Sabatauskas
DELFI / Tomas Vinickas

Bilotaitė argues that Sabatauskas, a social democrat, grossly violated the Constitution by publicly questioning the work of courts as well as their rulings to dismiss Alvydas Katinas from the position of the mayor of Utena. Both Sabatauskas and Katinas are members of the Social Democratic Party of Lithuania (LSDP).

According to MP Bilotaitė, on 1 December MP Sabatauskas told the daily Lietuvos Rytas that the elucidation of judges concerning Katinas’ possibilities to continue holding office were absurd, while the judgement could have been the result of incompetence of prosecutors and judges. Sabatauskas added that the Judicial Ethics and Discipline Commission should examine the case.

Article 114 of the Constitution stipulates that institutions of state power and governance, members of Parliament and other officials, political parties, political and public organisations or citizens are prohibited from interfering with the activities of judges or courts.

Bilotaitė says that the Seimas Committee on Legal Affairs participates in the appointment of judges. Therefore, Sabatauskas’ actions contradicted his duties as the chairman of the Committee and, as a result, his suitability to head the Committee should be reconsidered.

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