Conservative MP proposes to scrap some institutions under Lithuanian parliament

Kęstutis Masiulis
DELFI / Šarūnas Mažeika

“The main activity of some institutions is to hold sittings and inform other state institutions about this. The greatest share of funding is used to pay salaries, therefore, neither time nor money remains for other activities. This seems to be a disservice to the taxpayers. There have been numerous attempts to review the need of such establishments, but it is not a secret that politicians’ mates are employed there, therefore, such initiatives meet fierce resistance. However, I hope that the current Seimas will be able to examine the need for such institutions under the Seimas,” said the Masiulis, of the Homeland Union-Lithuanian Christian Democrats.

More than 20 institutions operate under the Seimas, including the State Commission of Cultural Heritage, the Council for the Protection of Ethnic Culture, the publishing house, the National Regional Development Agency, etc.

“The Seimas is a legislative body, whereas organisations under the Seimas are engaged either in executive or advisory activities. Therefore their relation to Parliament is a cause for doubt (…),” said Masiulis.

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