Corruption investigation will not affect government functioning, PM says

PM Algirdas Butkevičius (left) and Rolandas Paksas (second left)
DELFI / Kiril Čachovskij

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“Right now the work of the coalition does not suffer [from allegations against the party],” Butkevičius, a social democrat, said on Monday.

“Law enforcement institutions must finish their work without interference. Once final decisions by the law enforcement institutions are made, then we will follow up with political decisions,” the prime minister added.

The Special Investigation Service, Lithuania’s corruption police, made allegations against the Order and Justice party last month. The party is suspected of illegally trading favours and laundering funds.

Investigators suspect that the party exerted pressure on some government agencies in awarding public procurement contracts.

The Order and Justice leadership, on their part, say that the accusations are retribution for moves to rehabilitate the party’s leader Rolandas Paksas. The party has also suggested that the investigation might be influenced by the president.

Paksas was impeached as president and removed from the office in 2004. After a ruling by the Constitutional Court, he has not been allowed to run for any elected office ever since. However, last month the Lithuanian parliament adopted a resolution calling for his exoneration.

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