Cyber incidents in Lithuania up 43 percent

The CERT-LT investigated over 36,000 incidents using reports received from Lithuanian communication service providers, foreign CERT services and Lithuanian internet users. Compared to 2013, the number rose by 43 percent from 25,300 incidents last year.

According to the CERT-LT, the biggest cyber security problem in Lithuania (13,800 incidents last year) remains the abundance of devices owned by private individuals that have many security holes. In most cases, such holes do not pose a direct threat to the security of personal data, but they create conditions for hackers to use the devices for DDoS attacks.

Last year, however, saw an almost two-fold drop in the number of incidents involving hacking of information systems. The number of such incidents decreased from 10,900 to 4,800, mainly due to improved CERT-LT response.

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