Czech troops in NATO battalion would be key contribution to deterrence

Czech soldiers in Lithuania
Augustas Didžgalvis

Karoblis and Stropnicki discussed the deployment of the NATO advance battalion in Lithuania and possible joining of the Czech Republic to the forces in the Baltic states. Lithuania’s Karoblis emphasized that the Czech company stationed in the German-led NATO battalion would be a significant contribution to improved deterrence and collective defense in the region of the Baltic states, the Lithuanian Defence Ministry said in a press release.

The two ministers also addressed bilateral cooperation, the security situation in the region. Among other participants of the meeting were Lithuanian and Czech chiefs of defence.

Roughly 150 Czech soldiers were deployed in Lithuania in early January as a rotational force implementing the NATO assurance measures in the Baltic states.

The NATO international battalion has been stationed in Lithuania since the end of January. The unit, which will consist of a total of about 1,000 troops, will be deployed in Lithuania in June. It will be headed by German troops who will be later joined by forces of Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Norway, France and Croatia.

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