Describe Lithuania in one word? Basketball – Hon Consul Kerala

Tell us little bit about yourself.

I am Managing Director of Velankani Information Systems in Bangalore. The company started with real estate and now has diversified interests in Hydro and Solar power, Agriculture, Waste Management Treatment, Electronics and Hospitality. I grew up in Mumbai, India and completed my MBA at Rutgers University, USA.

What is your next big project in the capacity of being an Honorary Consul of Lithuania?

I would like to get a delegation of Lithuanian IT firms to take part in IT Conference in India. It would be a great opportunity to showcase the talent in IT firms and will also facilitate partnership in India.

How did you become an Honorary Consul of Lithuania?

Vista, a Lithuanian, who interned with Velankani Group introduced me to the Lithuanian Embassy. She visited the Lithuanian embassy, where the Ambassador mentioned that he was looking for an Honorary Consul and she suggested my name.

What is your favourite thing about Lithuania?

It would be difficult to name just one but I do love the beauty of the country.

If you could describe Lithuania in one word, what would it be?


Of course, this is not your full time occupation, but still, could you describe an Honorary Consul of Lithuania schedule? Is it hard work of being an Honorary Consul of Lithuania in your country?

It isn’t particularly time consuming to be a Honorary Consul. Since I network a lot, my main role is the facilitation of business in India by Lithuanians and vice versa.

What is the difference between an Honorary Consul and an Embassy Consul?

Honorary Consuls are not career officials of the represented state at all. An honorary consul is a local eminent person who is a citizen of the host country with business ties to the other and who has been granted limited powers to provide consulate services in a place that does not have an Embassy Consul. An embassy Consul is an official representative of the government to another.

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