Documents of Nazi occupational agencies found in southern Lithuania

A monument on the Via Baltica
DELFI / Kęstutis Cemnolonskis

The five rolls of documents were found in a glass jar.

“After restoration specialists removed the rolls from the jar, they turned out to be in a very poor condition, wet and dirty, covered in soil, featuring a strong smell of mould. Edges of the rolls are corroded and affected by moisture. As the physical condition of the documents is very poor, restorers didn’t even try to unroll them, therefore, we cannot specify what documents were found in the jar,” reads the press release.

“Preliminary examination of one of the document rolls, which was unrolled at the time of discovery, showed that it contained 1942-1944 operational documents of agencies of the Nazi Germany’s occupational administration in Lithuania,” the Special Archive said.

The person who hid the jar with the documents, the author of the documents and the topics of the documents are yet to be established.

The documents will be restored at Lithuania’s Central State Archive.

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